Frankie Production works with clients, agencies, and the creative community as a dedicated production partner.

From the first communication to post-production transparency, care, and professionalism form the foundation of all we do. Advocating for collaboration between all parties, we take care of our communities, crew, and clients while bringing creative solutions to whatever creative visions may come our way.

The hopes and dreams of the founder Ismail Aydugan, were to establish a more collaborative environment between client and producer. Working together toward a common goal with transparency, open communication, and honesty.

The five pillars
we live by
(1) Care & Attention to Detail

We are driven to create an environment for best work to be done.
(2) Collaboration

We believe the way forward to a sustainable future is working together and advocating for one another.
(3) Transparency

We believe trust and transparency are the bedrocks for long standing relationships.
(4) Coffee

Coffee is at the core of our DNA. A good coffee can bring all of us together.
(5) Broadmindedness

We believe in getting out of our own way and listening deeply so that we can serve a collective vision.

These values are woven into our DNA and provide the framework for how we begin each new partnership.

By working with a select few clients at any given time, we practice being fully present, respecting our client’s time and energy and bringing all we have to each and every project.

We build sustainable relationships as we go, treating all crew, talent, and network partners that support our production with care, kindness, and respect.

Oh and coffee? Well, that just makes the whole journey much more fun.

Together, we can proceed forward.
Frankie Production.

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